An Ode to Love

An Ode to Love

Is it a dream, or is it for real,

Or is it love that I truly feel?

Is it magic, or is it your face,

That I’m drawn to you in haste?

Are those your eyes, or ocean depths?

In whose waves, I’m forever being swept.

Is it your laughter, or an angel’s song?

For it urges me to sing along.

Is it true, or just a fantasy?

When I’m with you, life seems so heavenly.

Are you an angel, or are you love?

For when I’m with you, I’m a peaceful dove.

Am I sane, or am I crazy,

Or is it an allergy, making things hazy?

Do I laugh, or do I cry,

Knowing you’re a friend, but just passing by?

Is it weirdness, or is it sanity,

Or is it just my stupid vanity?

Do I believe in God, or do I believe in love?

For you’re in my heart, where I feel His love.

Is it a tingle of love, or is it something else?

When I see your smile, my heart just melts.

If I love you, do I let go,

Or do I fight for you, all the more?

Is it my heart, or is it my mind?

‘Cause a way to stop loving you, I can’t find.

Should I wait, or is it too late?

Or do you belong in my fate?

Would you be happy if I let go?

Oh, for the love of God, say it isn’t so!


An Ode to Love

©Copyright 2009

Rajesh R. Hingoranee


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