It was a world of paradigm shifts…

It was in a world that lasted forever

It was in a world that disappeared out of sight

It was when memories were gleefully made

It was when memories came flooding back

It was when moments in life pleasantly gathered

It was when cherishing those moments was all I had

It was a time to dream and a time to build

It was a time for retrospection and contemplation

It was the glow of love and a feeling of warmth

It was the touch of a chilly draft that made life shudder

It was all I had, it was all I didn’t, it was what it was…

– Rajesh Hingoranee Copyright © 2013


All For Your Sake

All For Your Sake

My heart burns like a candle
All night for your sake
And in the morning of your smile
It lights up for your sake

My heart longs and yearns
So deeply for your sake
And then it just shatters
Like crystal for your sake

My heart hopes and wishes
So truly for your sake
And when you thrust it away
It weeps for your sake

©Copyright 2009 Rajesh Hingoranee


The World Is Yours

The World Is Yours

The light of the moon is yours
The brightness of the sun is yours
The twinkle of the stars is yours

The grace of the clouds is yours
The coolness of the breeze is yours
The song of the birds is yours

The scent of the flowers is yours
The beauty of the roses is yours
The tenderness of the petals is yours

My heart is yours
My soul is yours
My world is yours

Why can’t you be mine?Image

©Copyright 2009 Rajesh Hingoranee

Love is…

In the coldest of winters,
You bring the warmest of feelings;

In the darkest of nights,
You bring the brightest of lights.

In the deepest of agony,
You bring the highest of elation;

In the worst of sorrow,
You bring the best of joy.

Your presence in this world
Makes it seem so heavenly;

Your fragrance in this world
Makes the roses green with envy.

©Copyright 2009 Rajesh Hingoranee


Sometimes it seems as though
Life is one darned thing after another;

Sometimes I feel as though
Life is moving farther and farther;

Sometimes life seems so unreal
I wonder if people really care;

Sometimes life goes on as though
Its not being fair, its just not fair.

Sometimes I wonder if its possible
To long for someone so far;

Sometimes I wonder if its true
That all’s fair in love and war.

©Copyright 2009 Rajesh Hingoranee

An Ode to Love

An Ode to Love

Is it a dream, or is it for real,

Or is it love that I truly feel?

Is it magic, or is it your face,

That I’m drawn to you in haste?

Are those your eyes, or ocean depths?

In whose waves, I’m forever being swept.

Is it your laughter, or an angel’s song?

For it urges me to sing along.

Is it true, or just a fantasy?

When I’m with you, life seems so heavenly.

Are you an angel, or are you love?

For when I’m with you, I’m a peaceful dove.

Am I sane, or am I crazy,

Or is it an allergy, making things hazy?

Do I laugh, or do I cry,

Knowing you’re a friend, but just passing by?

Is it weirdness, or is it sanity,

Or is it just my stupid vanity?

Do I believe in God, or do I believe in love?

For you’re in my heart, where I feel His love.

Is it a tingle of love, or is it something else?

When I see your smile, my heart just melts.

If I love you, do I let go,

Or do I fight for you, all the more?

Is it my heart, or is it my mind?

‘Cause a way to stop loving you, I can’t find.

Should I wait, or is it too late?

Or do you belong in my fate?

Would you be happy if I let go?

Oh, for the love of God, say it isn’t so!


An Ode to Love

©Copyright 2009

Rajesh R. Hingoranee

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