The World Is Yours

The World Is Yours

The light of the moon is yours
The brightness of the sun is yours
The twinkle of the stars is yours

The grace of the clouds is yours
The coolness of the breeze is yours
The song of the birds is yours

The scent of the flowers is yours
The beauty of the roses is yours
The tenderness of the petals is yours

My heart is yours
My soul is yours
My world is yours

Why can’t you be mine?Image

©Copyright 2009 Rajesh Hingoranee


Love is…

In the coldest of winters,
You bring the warmest of feelings;

In the darkest of nights,
You bring the brightest of lights.

In the deepest of agony,
You bring the highest of elation;

In the worst of sorrow,
You bring the best of joy.

Your presence in this world
Makes it seem so heavenly;

Your fragrance in this world
Makes the roses green with envy.

©Copyright 2009 Rajesh Hingoranee

Personal Musings – Page 3

So, on that fateful winter evening in February, 2001, in an attempt to ‘come clean’, Nick ventured to send a request to Ann to afford him an hour or so of her time to ‘hear him out’, and to find out what it was that had changed her attitude so much. It was not meant to be an appeal for forgiveness, nor was it meant to be a justification of his actions. He merely wanted to reiterate his need for her friendship, his assurance of her trust.

Just the day prior, Nick and Ann had had a heart to heart discussion about the emotionally charged note he had sent her not too long prior to that. That note was proof of the depth of emotion he had vested in his association with her. His words crystallized his disgruntlement about the way the events had begun to unfold. It was an attestation of the fact that he had truly wanted to get out of the hold she seemed to have had on him, and yet not lose her friendship.

A comment from Ann during that emphatic discussion had raised a red flag, and Nick had become even more intent on coming clean with her. He recalls how she had coolly shrugged off his emotional outbursts. Although justifiable under the circumstances, Nick mused, since one’s actions are largely influenced by our consistent urge to satisfy the demands of the ego, he had felt that his very attempts to strengthen their friendship had sadly and ironically become the cause of a grave misunderstanding that seemed to lead to its eventual demise.

…to be continuedImage


Sometimes it seems as though
Life is one darned thing after another;

Sometimes I feel as though
Life is moving farther and farther;

Sometimes life seems so unreal
I wonder if people really care;

Sometimes life goes on as though
Its not being fair, its just not fair.

Sometimes I wonder if its possible
To long for someone so far;

Sometimes I wonder if its true
That all’s fair in love and war.

©Copyright 2009 Rajesh Hingoranee

Personal Musings – Page 2

Nick contemplated on the chain of events over the previous few months that had finally led to the apparent end of his friendship with Ann. Looking back on the days when he did not even know her, before he had even met her, Nick remembers having sensed a strange connection with her. He reminisced on the events that led to a gradual, yet reassuring bond of friendship between them (or, so he thought). How it had all come to this, perhaps a matter of conjecture, or a whimsical twist of fate, one would have to go back to the very beginning, and analyze the circumstances right from the time Nick first felt a connection with Ann, before he had even met her.

Twilight was peeking around the corner as Nick sat at his desk, musing over his friendship with Ann. Spring was only a month away as Nick pondered over the past year. He fondly recalled the spring of 2000 when he had landed his job at Eastland Corp, and life had seemed to move along just fine. As for the events of the preceding few months he wondered if he had not perhaps misjudged the actions of one of the most intriguing individuals he had ever encountered.

Or, was he merely confused at the mixed signals he had been receiving from her? He remembered fondly the days when he would have stimulating conversations with Ann. Her refreshing ideas and sense of humor had always fascinated him and captured his fancy. However, lately, he had noticed, things had not been going too well, and he wondered if he had not been too insensitive in his behavior with her. As he started to write, just the thought of losing Ann’s friendship sent shivers down his spine.

…to be continued